Our Cold Brew

The Process.

We carefully selected a bean blend after testing numerous roasters to find the most well-rounded blend that worked best with cold brewing. We then cold brew the coffee on-site at the bakery for a minimum of 18 hours before being kegged and pressurized with nitrogen to purge all contact with oxygen. This not only extends the shelf life of the cold brew coffee, but maintains an amazing taste that doesn't degrade hours after brewing.

The Result.

A strong, bold, and satisfying flavour with hints of citrus and dark chocolate, served on draft at 2°C. We recommend a splash of cream and liquid cane sugar to round out the brew. You will be amazed by this meticulously crafted beverage.

Our Nitro Cold Brew.

Taking the cold brew coffee that you know and love, and elevating it to all new levels. Following the same brewing process for a minimum of 18 hours on-site at the bakery, we then pressurize the cold brew at a very high pressure with pure Nitrogen.

Nitrogen bubbles dissolve into the cold brew. After being served on draft, the Nitrogen dissolved into the cold brew provides a silky smooth, and creamy sweet texture without the addition of any dairy or sugar. Can be enjoyed with a splash of cream though.