Collingwood to Creemore

We are excited to partner with Summit Social House in Collingwood Ontario to bring you a cycle route from Collingwood, to Creemore Bakery in the beautiful and quite Creemore, Ont.

The route

Begin your ride at Summit Social House on Hurontario street in Collingwood. Start off your ride with a caffein boost at the only Cycle Cafe in Collingwood. Then take the scenic 25KM route to Creemore Bakery on Mill St. in Creemore. The entire time with the motivation of treating yourself to a Nitro Cold Brew and fresh Brioche donut at Creemore Bakery (donuts available Friday through Sunday).

After you have rested and recharged, its 32.3KM back to Summit, or Central Collingwood.

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Summit to Creemore

Distance: 25.4km

Elevation Gain: 254m

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Creemore to Summit

Distance: 32.3km

Elevation Gain: 174m

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